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El Sauce is 40 kilometers south of Guaminí, near the town of Espartillar in the province of Buenos Aires. The total area is 1,010 Hectares, it is a mixed ranch with approximately 37% of the area suitable for agriculture. Although the region has been leaning towards agriculture, the establishment, has been operated as a cow/calf ranch complimented by the farm fields to generate the quality pasture and feed to ensure the productivity of 1,000 head of cattle.  Google Maps link;  


Access: located approximately 539 Km from Buenos Aires with only the 10 km unpaved (improved with gravel). It is located 160 Km from Bahia Blanca a major city serviced by major local airlines. 

House: brick, three bedrooms and with a metal roof. 

Garage: concrete flooring and brick walls. 

Shed / Warehouse: approximately 180 m2, sheet metal walls, and roofing, include internal walls and concrete flooring.  

Loading Chutes/treatment area:  6 meters long including internal sorting corrals.  

The ranch is subdivided into 14 fields, serviced by 4 Australian type tanks/windmills. 

Electrical and telephone service and connection, including mobile phone service.

Fencing: Outside and internal wire fences to divide the ranch.

Soil characteristics

The ranch has two distinct areas based on its soil characteristics, the prime, suitable for agriculture and the other with excellent pastures for the cattle operation. The first contains abundant topsoil of approximately 60 cm; it is well drained and appropriate for premium crops; including corn. A smaller section has a slightly thinner topsoil layer of about 40 cm. The agriculture section totals 372.4 Ha. The rest of the ranch is the cattle operations field, including a small undefined part of 64 Ha that would also be suitable for agriculture. The area of 438 Ha. has excellent pasture, several depressions where water collects and small hills used by the animals during the wet season. A natural canal drains the section; it includes five fields that are at the center of the ranch as a cow/calf operation and features very high production capacity. 

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